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I’m Cat (Cathleen) Charissage, a seeker of wisdom, a long time journal writer and inner explorer, and a student of the world’s wisdom traditions. I’m a contemplative educator, writer, and artist in the Depth Dimension of life, that is, in creative and spiritual growth, including healing from whatever keeps us from our full inner and outer freedom and expression. I am the author of Wildflower Seeds: The Beauties of a Reflective Life and Open to Mystery: Paintings and Poetry. Both are available through Amazon throughout the world (links to here and here). 

I explore Soulwork, by which I mean joyous living in full integrity with our deepest selves, and I accompany others who are navigating their own lives’ Depth Dimensions. I have a Masters in Education, 4 years’ graduate study and a B.A. in Theology, and over 40 years of experience in working intimately with small groups and individuals rooted in my training in post-trauma recovery and as an Intentional Creativity Coach. I’ve also studied extensively in person with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run with the Wolves and psychotherapist, in 18 of her summer intensives over the past 12 years.

My greatest joy is helping souls, including myself, to live out of the creative mystery of our lives, and live gracefully within the paradoxes and challenges that life gives us. I write, make art, and work with others who want companionship in their spiritual journeys.

In my first adult life I worked in social services as the Executive Director of a Sexual Assault Center, and as an educator and counsellor with various organizations. In my second adult life, after becoming a mother at 40, I home educated my son from birth to university, and also worked with small groups and individuals in transformational creativity, depth/soul work, and dream analysis. Now in my elder years, I am sharing what I’ve learned about how to live fully and with integrity in this complex and needful world, acknowledging the frustrations and the pain.

I live with my family in traditional Blackfoot territory in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, after having lived in Victoria, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Chicago and other cities.

To get to know me better, watch these two videos: