I have some limited availability for interviews and for speaking engagements. Contact me here or by email at catcharissage@gmail.com

In my career at the Sexual Assault Center London, I gave more than a hundred speeches, presentations, and public education events. I was contacted by the local newspaper and television stations dozens of times for comments or interviews.

I am comfortable speaking to groups in person, doing interviews, and speaking in front of the camera.

To learn more about me, please visit my WELCOME PAGE or WORK WITH ME on my CONTACT PAGE.

Here are examples of video interviews:

  • Developing Your Inner Life as a Political Act
  • The Life-Changing Consequences of a Reflective Life
  • Changing the World One Person, One Family, One Neighborhood at a Time
  • Unravelling Internalized Oppression
  • How to Leave a Legacy for Future Generations
  • Journal Keeping as Your Activist Curriculum
  • Self-Expression is both Individual and Collective Work
  • Intentional Creation as Self-Sovereignty
  • Self-Sovereignty as a Communal Resistance
  • Making Change in the Slow Lane
  • Things are So Urgent We Must Slow Down
  • Whose Bodies are These, and How Were They Made?
  • Dream Analysis for Suppertime Conversation
  • Storytelling for Hope
  • The Value of Ugly Art and Bad Poetry
  • Opening to Mystery, Coming Home
  • Making a Home for All of Us
  • How to Get to Know An Other of The Other
  • The Politics of Chronic Pain
  • Collective Pain is Rising; What is it Asking?
  • The Eloquence of the Body
  • What are the Stories I Tell?
  • Coming Up with New Stories
  • Thoughts on Being Raised on Golden Books and Disney Tales
  • Whose Trauma is It? The Creation of Pain as Community Formation
  • Reflection: Folding Back on Ourselves
  • An Origami of Embodiment
  • Bad Poetry and Mediocre Art: Tools for Consciousness
  • Sacred Circles
  • Labyrinths and Mandalas in Daily Life

I offer Soulwork and Intentional Creativity as a contemplative educator, counsellor, and artist, helping others navigate the Depth Dimensions of life. I provide compassionate witness and guidance both individually and in small groups, nurturing others to discover the Sacred in the nooks and crannies of daily life. I accompany wonderers and wanderers, those who have deep questions and those who are exploring their relationship with Mystery.

As a lifelong student of the world’s Wisdom Traditions, I have deep grounding in Catholic Christianity and now claim Interspirituality as my home. I come with a Masters in Education, 3 years’ graduate study and B.A. in Theology, and 10 summers of training in Spiritual Companioning and Guidance with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Jungian psychoanalyst and author of the bestselling Women Who Run with the Wolves. I bring more than 40 years’ experience, including as retreat presenter, post-trauma counsellor and Executive Director at a sexual assault center. I am a member of Spiritual Directors International. I have taught in professional development, university, high school, and privately as a mentor.

To get to know me a little better or to work with me, reach me by email me at catcharissage@gmail.com.