Monday morning

Dear, dear Reader,

Are your Monday mornings as challenging as ours?  Most probably so, as Monday marks the beginning of most of our work weeks.  My son, Liberty, always feels awful, just dreadful, on Monday mornings.  I get up on weekdays earlier than I’d like in order to get our homeschooling days up and running, and I feel rather dreadful, myself.  I hope you are laughing with me!

“Courage!” dear reader.  “Courage!” I tell myself — I’d like to say this to Liberty, too, but I know I’d get “the eyebrow”.  I think you know what I mean.

Truly, although Monday mornings are often awful, how wonderful it is to have a safe home, the freedom to be with and to educate my son, and enough health and heart to live it.  There is plenty of food in the house, and all is well.  Or, well enough.  I hold in my heart, too, those who do not have these things.  How fortunate we are, those of us who have this.

Whatever challenges you face, whether a new Monday morning, or something much more serious, be encouraged. Cor, from which we get the word courage, means heart in Latin.  Reach down into your heart for what you know is there:  the ability to look reality in the face and the virtue to change what can be changed or to accept what cannot.  If you fear that you will not find that in your heart, then try to hope for it.  I do believe it will come;  it’s a capacity rooted in deep human experience, and this wisdom passed down throughout all of history will not fail you.  Oh, it might take some time, for sure. . . . that I also know.

So.  To look reality in the face, and to let not your heart be troubled:  your mission today, if you choose to accept it.

With love on this Monday morning,


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