Thanks to all health suggestions

Dear Kind Reader,

Whenever someone learns of my health challenges, the compassionate ones want so badly to help ease suffering.  They recommend health products, herbs, diets, medications, exercises, counselling, physiotherapy, etc., etc., etc.

While I appreciate the sentiment behind it, and am glad to know of new possibilities that just might help, I need people to know that I have tried many, many therapies, natural as well as allopathic.  Some have helped; others not.  It’s been going on 30 years that I’ve dealt with these chronic challenges, and I’ve seen many therapies come and go.  I now have a regimen, or “rule of life”, that keeps me functioning at my best.

So, dear reader, please know that you don’t have to “do” anything about my health challenges.  I thank you for your best thoughts and ideas, but also please don’t take it as rejection if I do not follow through on any suggestions you might offer.  Chances are, I might have already incorporated them into my life.  My challenges are not new to me and I’m working with things the best way I know with the knowledge I have now.  And it’s all okay — or at least okay enough.  Life’s good.

With thanks,


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