Mysteries Unfolding is back!


Hello dear friends,

I’m so glad to be posting regularly again.  My family and I have gotten into a new rhythm, and with my son learning more independently, I have a daily dedicated time for writing and painting.  More about my painting and art journaling, my new love and unfolding mystery, later. . .

There are a few changes:  I’ve changed the title of the blog slightly, to “Mysteries Unfolding with Cat Charissage — Making Meaning, Making Soul,” from “Mysteries Unfolding: Making Meaning, Making Soul in the Midst of Chronic Challenge” .  This reflects my desire to broaden the scope of my writing, from primarily nourishing those of us with chronic challenges, to wanting to nourish, inform, and gently challenge all of us who are interested in creating deep and meaningful lives.  The “About” tab has also been edited to reflect these changes.  It’s there where I explain why I’m writing this blog in the first place. These two posts also explore my intentions:  Making Meaning, and Making Soul.

You can now access the blog directly through my name [], so that you don’t have to remember the exact wording of the title. To more easily remember the spelling of my last name, remember that it’s one ‘r’ and two ‘s’, reflecting the 2 words “charis” and “sage” that together make up my surname.   (You may want to check out this post: “Who are you?  What, and how, are you called?“)

I hope to post approximately weekly, sharing the ideas, books, practices, and tools that have helped me, and many of those with whom I have worked, in Making Meaning, Making Soul.

I invite you to subscribe!  Feel free to ask questions, share your own resources, and respond to my posts.  Thank you for being here and reading this.

In time, I hope to have tabs which describe my work in the world of educating and counselling individuals and groups, and of mentoring those who wish to engage in independent study.

I’m so excited to be engaging with you in this way!

With warmth, and cool water on a hot day,


2 thoughts on “Mysteries Unfolding is back!

  1. Karina Witbeck

    This is very exciting. I look forward to your weekly posts and I’m excited to explore the work you’ve already done. I am so blessed to call you friend.



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