My finished Holy Woman of the Living Waters:


Out of the Watery Depths
“Out of the depths I cry to you. . .
“Oh Holy One, hear my voice!”
I cry my prayer to the depths
to see,
to understand,
to find words to speak and write
words that can help . . . help us all.
Deeper silence.
Then from an inner voice:

“Out of the depths I cry to you. . . 
Oh holy one, hear My voice!”
What!  Echo?  Or response?
“Show me,” I ask.
Blues in the blue darkness. . .
Then a quiet voice:
“Show Me!”
“Here I am!”  arises from my brave, true heart.
“Here I am, too!” I hear,
as if from deep under the sea.
My Holy Woman of the Living Waters,
I paint you, seen as through a glass darkly;
I yearn, I stretch, I in-tend
To see face to face.
Is She whom we seek
seeking us?
When I plunge into the depths
does She rise to meet me,
filling my heart, my mouth, with precious breath,
vibrations of communication?
As whom I seek is holy, I am holy.
Finding, I am found.
Silenced, I now commune.
And communicate.
“Out of the depths I cry to you!”
All is one.  All is holy.