——Our Lady of the Resurrections, Cat Charissage, May 2014


I believe in weeds.
I know, heresy!  It’s not the first time I’ve been called a heretic.
But, really, look at them:
no matter how you cut them down, dig them up, or try to kill them,
you still get —-
Ya’ gotta love that tenacity — that resilience.
I know I do.
Take crabgrass, hated by homeowners everywhere.
Well, I’ll take it!
First up in spring, first up after a mowing,
so bright green and luscious, screaming “Here I am!”
Or the chickweed growing in the cracks of my driveway.
Little green leaves like a natural carpet — 
Drive-in food — I pull into my driveway, lean over, 
and pick my salad greens for dinner.
Even the price is right.
It was a long winter this year.
It was hard to believe that spring would ever return.
But finally, in May, Mother Earth resurrected
And right after grass came up green, we had:
I love dandelions.
You can eat their leaves and their flowers;
and their roots can cure just about anything that ails you.
They’re the first bouquet given by little boys to grateful mothers,
their bright yellow smiling out from the green grass.
When my boy was little, I showed him how 
to blow the seeds as we ambled down the sidewalk,
so that everyone could have such beautiful dandelions
right in their front yards!
Well, not really —- but I sure wanted to!
Mother Earth, carrier of the life, death, life cycle,
You did it again this year.
May I learn from your ways and rise again, and again, 
and again when I’m cut down by the world.
Our Lady of the Resurrections,
I have faith that you bring life
after even the longest winter.
I’ve seen it.
Our Lady of the Resurrections,
I believe in weeds.
              ——Cat Charissage, May 2014