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Dear Friends,

For the months of November and December, I invite you to join me in exploring soul themes in visual journalling.  My plan is to daily post brief prompts that we can all explore in our journals, whether you write or image or both.  If you can invest 10 minutes each day playing in your journals, my intention is to pique thought processes that will then surrender into color, mixed media, poetry or prose.  If you can invest longer, then I can assure you that the soul and psyche will respond generously to gentle curiousity and a form in which to be expressed.

In order not to miss any of the prompts, please consider subscribing to my blog.  Also, please share this with any of your friends who might be interested or curious, with those who already keep diaries, journals or notebooks, with any friends who are writers or artists.

How do we follow soul rather than persona or ego?  How can we understand what’s within us, ready to come to consciousness?  How do we come to know what we don’t yet know that we know? This is not a how-to course, but a series of thought-provoking questions your soul might like to play with.

Requirements:  minimally, paper and something to make a mark with.  Most of you will want a journal or sketchbook (nothing fancy is needed, though the Strathmore Visual Journal holds up to all the paint, collage, water and tears that you can throw at it!), a reliable black pen or marker, and some way to apply color.  For color I recommend any or all of some acrylic or craft paints in a short rainbow of basic colors, including white; a set of watercolor paints; and/or a set of watercolor pencils.

Give some thought as to where you will journal each day, whether you want your supplies to be portable (at the coffeeshop, anyone?) or if you want to dedicate a corner of a table or desk at home to house your supplies.  Make it as easy as possible to turn to.  Also think about how private you want this to be:  is it okay if your family looks over your shoulder every now and then, or do you definitely NOT want anyone else to see this, at all, ever? If you desire absolute privacy, do not leave your journal where curious eyes may find it; you may want to journal away from home while on your daily errands or at work, then keep your journal and supplies in an innocuous bag in your purse or car.

As far as possible, set yourself up for success!

If you want to share, send me a link in the comments, or to my email at catcharissage [at] gmail [dot] com.  I regret that I’m not set up at the moment to add media to the comments.

I sincerely hope that this will be an inspiration and gentle adventure.

Join me,