Dear Friends,

What do you call your soul time? I often call it “depth dimension time”.  Do you do soul “work”?  Do you “encourage” (bring heart to) soul life?  The author Bill Plotkin coins the term “Soulcraft”.  Is the soul enlarged  or deepened by “working” on it?  What other words can describe being with what is deepest within you when you are also with the Magnitude all around you?

I like to think of living an ensouled life.

Make a crossword or other design with these words, decorating or otherwise marking the words that resonate with you.

With love,


p.s.  This photo is of my current journal, an 8 1/2 by 11 in. blank sketchbook.  I added a flap made from duct tape, folded over to make a pen pocket, and held closed by a cord wrapped around a brooch pinned to the duct tape flap.

Day 6  of a series of daily prompts for written, visual, or art journalling, or just for pondering.  For more background information, see the Intro page, or this post on visual journalling: