Day 51, To See What We Can See: DDD and Solstice

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Dear Friends,

Today is both Sunday, my chosen Depth Dimension Day and many people’s Sabbath, and the Solstice, the winter solstice for those of us in the northern hemisphere.

So, considering that for us north of the equator today has the longest amount of darkness in the entire year, let us take a cue from that and rest.  If possible, don’t go into a mall today.  If possible, cozy up tonight with a warm cuppa, a blanket or shawl, and some great music or book.

Imagine what it was like for humans thousands of years ago witnessing the daylight shrinking and shrinking, the weather getting colder and colder, and then the glorious realization that Life was coming back!  That the sun came back to warm the earth and its peoples, getting ready to receive the seed and save them, once again, from starvation and darkness.

What or who lights up your life?

With love,


Day 51 of a series of daily prompts for written, visual, or art journalling, or just for pondering.  For more background information, see the Intro page, or this post on visual journalling:

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