Day 58, To See What We Can See: Depth Dimension Day


Dear Friends,

Today is the last Sunday of the year, the last Depth Dimension Day of 2014.

Whatever nourishes your soul, find some way to do it or have it or be it today, if only for a little bit.

In the quiet corners of the day, invite your soul to reflect on the past year:  has it been a nurturing year for your soul, your life?  What have been some of the surprises?  No need to write anything, but filling some pages of your journal with color provides the right head space for reflection and psychic ease.

As you begin to think about the week ahead, try to set aside an afternoon or evening to think and write about the year past.  In the next couple of days, I will provide prompts that will help us to put the year to bed and move forward into 2015.

With love,


Day 58 of a series of daily prompts for written, visual, or art journalling, or just for pondering.  For more background information, see the Intro page, or this post on visual journalling:

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