To See What We Can See: Mysteries Unfolding!

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Dear Friends,

Here on the last day of 2014 I am so grateful to all of you who have used these prompts as a starting point for your reflection on soul, and I want to shout out a thank you to my friend Susan Daniel for asking me to do these prompts.  My spirit said “YES” while my brain was still going “Uh, 60 days?  That sounds like a lot. . . . ”  Yet so many ideas came to me, and I have notes for dozens more!

In your journal today I invite you to get quiet, put on some great music, and slowly and meditatively draw an unfolding rose as you gently contemplate how you want to live in the coming year.  I’ve posted the steps to drawing a rose, but be sure not to get caught up in perfectionism.  Remember that perfectionism is the enemy of “Done!”

An unfolding rose is one of my juiciest symbols.  On the “About” page of the blog I explain the concept of mystery, of how there’s always something new to see, notice, and understand.

As you draw the petals of the rose and ponder the coming year, you will most probably have ideas or images arise of things you would like to accomplish, or start, or places you want to go, or qualities of how you want to live.  Write those down in one or two words, each on one of the petals of the rose. If you come up with two or three, fine.  If you have 9 or 10, fine.  Draw your rose and write your words in a waterproof pen or marker, then meditatively watercolor your rose.  Sit with your rose and your aspirations for the coming year until you feel a sense of “yes, that’s it.”

The final part for today’s journalling is to pick up to 7 of your aspirations and list them along the bottom of your page.  Seven is a good number of items to allow into your life, and the brain can’t easily remember more than 7 things at a time.  (Telephone numbers have seven digits, right?)

As you move into your new year, with new calendars and the excitement of new beginnings, plan to incorporate these 7 or so aspirations into your daily activities.  There are all sorts of methods to help one move from intentions to actions, and I will write about those another day.

In the meantime, thank you again for accompanying me on this 61 day journey!  If you haven’t already, please subscribe to my blog so as to be notified of new posts.  My plan is to post once or twice a week.  I really want my words to be worth your while to read, and not be just another email cluttering your inbox.

I’m also planning to develop an online course this year, do more in-person sessions, and be available for consultation by phone or Skype.

If you live near southern Alberta, you may be interested in my “A Wise Woman’s Dream for 2015” on January 17.  I’ll include the information below.

Much love and many blessings to you, my wonderful people!


A Wise Woman’s Dream for 2015

An Afternoon for Envisioning the New Year

Saturday, January 17, 2015, 1:30 – 5:00 p.m.

Registration or questions:

IMG_0808c) Cat Charissage, 2014

Imagine what it would feel like to use Intentional Creativity as your tool for dreaming up your best year yet, consciously and joyfully.

What will happen when you allow both sides of your brain, the logical language based side and the image filled, colorful side, to speak to yourself and to the world?

Come, find out!

Join me in a microgroup (2-5 women) using circle, labyrinth, color, imagery and words to let go of 2014, access your longings, and intuitively plan how to make some dreams come true in 2015.

You will leave with several finished visual inquiries plus a poster envisioning the circle of the year 2015 interspersed with action steps to bring your dreams to life.

Join me in

  • Red Thread Circle
  • Labyrinth Meditation
  • Appreciating and Releasing 2014
  • Longings and Word for the new year
  • Mysteries Unfolding graphic
  • Moving from Intention to Action
  • How to’s in the Circle of 2015

We will meet in the Red Thread Study for Depth Dimension Arts in my home in northside Lethbridge.  All supplies are provided.

Your investment:  $150, or if two or more women register at the same time, each will receive a 34% Discount, making your investment $99 each. This is an Introductory Pricing, as my half day workshops are usually $200-$250.

Because I work either individually or in microgroups, there is plenty of opportunity for individual customization, attention, and guidance.

I am deeply committed to making this work accessible to those who want to participate; if this investment is beyond your means at the moment contact me for work exchange or scholarship possibilities.

 Contact me at for registration or questions.

Cat Charissage is an educator, mentor, and counsellor specializing in the exploration of life’s Depth Dimensions, helping people to articulate True Self and make meaning through the paradoxes and challenges that life hands us. She uses Intentional Creativity, writing, dreamwork, and art to help others to  grow spiritually and creatively and to recover from trauma, especially sexual violence.  A student of the wisdom traditions of the world, she has a Master’s degree in adult Education, a B.A. and 4 years of graduate study in theology, and 30+ years experience, including as counsellor and Executive Director of a sexual assault center.  She lives creatively with chronic pain and illness and engages actively in ongoing learning and reflection, most recently with Shiloh Sophia, Visionary Artist, and Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes (author of Women Who Run with the Wolves) in both her Mysterium and Original Voice series of intensive trainings.  To find out more, visit her blog at


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