Habits and New Year Craziness

IMG_1250mysteries unfolding (c) 2014 Cat Charissage

Dear Ones,

Blessings and love to you in this new year!  After 60 days of Journal Prompts (https://catcharissage.com/2014/10/29/announcing-sixty-days-of-visual-journalling-prompts/), are you continuing to art or write in your journal?

There are many New Year’s traditions that people follow, the most common being resolutions.  I like the tradition of picking a word for the year —- or rather, letting a word pick you.  For 2015, “Flow” has come to me, especially as described in this excerpt from Rilke’s poem:

“May what I do flow from me like a river,

No forcing, and no holding back.”

I keep this in mind during these early hectic days of the new year.  My son is back in classes at the college, which has necessitated many actions on my part, including deciphering tuition statements and traipsing from one office to another on campus, standing in many lines, in order to understand just what is needed, and why.  This may not sound too noteworthy, except that I get a migraine almost every time I’m in a car, and it’s difficult to either stand in lines or transport my walker through the snow and ice!  Flow —– flow. . . . .   It’s coming. . .

Are you living your 2015 in the ways that you want to?  If not, what stands in your way? Can I help you in some way to live a deeper and more meaningful life?

With love,


1 thought on “Habits and New Year Craziness

  1. Flamingo Gypsy Mama Susan Daniel

    Today was the first day since the baby was born that I got back into painting. There were so many emails I had to respond to and I got stuck in a fearful place of thinking I would never catch up. I did finally catch up on Thursday nite and felt an Ah…. feeling of relief and the feeling that maybe I could even get some arting in. REBIRTH is the word that was gifted to me for starting out this new year. Haiku~ing has kept me in spirit. I FEEL like I am standing before a door where light is shining but I haven’t fully opened the door /stepped over the threshold /leaped thru the portal yet….


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