A little hello. . .


WIP, Mater, Tree of Life, (c) Cat Charissage 2015

Dear Friends,

Life has been busy; my dear body has needed rest:  stubbed (broken?) toe, pulled back muscle, regular aches and pains, etc.  I haven’t been able to write much that is new lately.  I did just finish a month-long e-course called “Riding the Winds of Change: A Luscious Life as a Female Elder”, and sent the group a favorite quote of mine from Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes.  May it bless you today with visions of what really IS going on in your life, within and invisible!

“Listen Dearie:

“Never underestimate the endurance of the wise old woman.  Despite being torn or treated unfairly, she carries another self, a primary, radiant and incorruptible self beneath the beleaguered self — an illumined self that is ever whole.  The wise old woman is certain to have a twenty-foot wing span hidden under her coat, and a folded-up forest in her long pocket.  Certainly, seven-league gold lame slippers might be found under her bed.  And, through her spectacles, almost everything that can be seen, will be seen.  The little carpet before her fire may truly be a flying one.  Her shawl, when unfurled, likely has the capacity to either bring on the hounds of hell, or else to call up the starriest of starry nights.  She cackles as she sails across the heavens in the half-shell of her own broken heart.  Her feathers lift, for she is ever learning love.  She falls toward the breath of anything that sings and seeks to protect the soul of everything.  Songbirds tell her the hidden news; thus she has “the magic eye” that sees beyond and behind the present.  Like her human counterpart, she most likely lives near a cherished river . . or else, she herself, simply is one. . . ”

With love,


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