Wise Woman of the Portal

Dear Friends,

I hope you enjoy my new painting and poem:


(c) Cat Charissage, 2015

Wise Woman of the Portal

Cat Charissage, April 2015

Dear one,

acquiesce with what you deeply want

and already know:

it is in silence that you meet,

that you become,

that you create

not only yourself,

but the deepest connections

among all that is.


Life is the invitation to the portal

where we transform our

coal into diamonds,

where we recognize

the truth of all symbols to

throw us back together

into ourselves

and our wisdom:

“This, too, I know.”


I am water

I am deer

Frog leaps in me

I leap in salmon.

Grandmother Spider weaves

red threads of connection.

The web vibrates

and I see, as owl.

I dance, I am


I circle round, I circle back.


Lightning brings heaven to earth,

earth rises to meet the divine.

This crossing, this meeting, is the

Crux of the matter, our matter,

where human meets divine meets all that is.


We tell our stories of this,

a thousand thousand stories,

stories of matter that matter.

They end as they began:

in silence.


Come in to the portal

of silence,

of wisdom,

of “This, too, is me,”

where we shall create.

And it will be good.

It already is.

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