Yesterday the three of us (moi, spouse, and 18 year old son) entered the 21st century.  At least I hope so.  I think.  You see, we all got smart phones.  “So what?” you say?  Well, our last phones (only two of them) did not even have SIM cards in them  (as if I know what a SIM card is. . . )  Flip phones that did not connect to the internet, they at least had answering machines  — oh, I mean, “voice mail”, but only if the phone was turned on, which dear spouse didn’t want to do because he might run the battery down.

Two weeks of research figuring out what kind of phones we wanted, several long phone calls with much more savvy friends, and more hours than I care to admit in telus stores and phone kiosks later, I sure hope the learning curve of using it is a lot shorter! It’s actually kind of fun figuring out what this fascinating portable computer that also has a phone in it can do.  Of course, my neo-luddite son saw me looking at the screen and moaned, loudly and dramatically, “Oh!!! NO!!!  You’ve been mind controlled!!! Put the device down!!!  Walk away from it!  Slowly!”  My response, “Uh, uh-huh, uh, I’ll talk to you later,” wasn’t taken well.  He’s the only one in the family who really didn’t want a smartphone.  He usually carries two to five real books around with him, at least half of which are hard-covers.

I’ll try to remember to post on this blog once in awhile.  Until next time, I’m learning how to use wi-fi instead of sucking up our (very small, shared) data plan).

This post written on a full-sized Dell laptop.  Though I am using wi-fi.  I think I might even know what that is.