Dear Friends,
I’m back from another training with Dr. Estes, feeling full and happy and exhausted.  It was Singing over the Bones, an intensive for those who want to teach about her book Women Who Run with the Wolves.  Again, I met so many dynamic, interesting women there (and one intrepid gentleman).  I’m filled with so many ideas and possibilities of what I want to do over the coming year.
First thing is that I’m planning to do a new story circle in 2015/16 called “Sheltering Soul: A Story Circle based on Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes”.
The new Sheltering Soul will be once a month starting sometime in September.  It will go only for 9 or 10 months, and then possibly re-form. What I don’t yet know is what night or weekend afternoon I might hold it on.  If you’re interested in coming, are there certain evenings that are automatically “out” for you?
What I envision is reading one chapter a month from Dr. Estes’ book, and at the Story Circle I’ll offer writing prompts which we’ll then share and discuss.  That way, each participant will have a record of some of their thoughts about the stories and themes in the book, as well as get a chance to hear other people’s ideas.
I’d also like to do 4 evening/one month study groups on selected stories from the book.   There is so much in each story, so many portals into our own lives that can help us understand ourselves more and be more intentional about how we live each day.  I plan to do one each season (well, I want to do a new one each month, but each season might be more realistic).
At the same time, I’m percolating ideas for individual sessions on different topics using Intentional Creativity, coming up with plans for a real website, and even thinking about a book —- well, actually, two.
I have lots of new plans —- please pray and send good energy that I have the energy to implement them.  I almost always have way more ideas than the health, energy, and time to actually manifest them, but as long as I keep moving forward, even if ever so slowly, I don’t get too discouraged.
With love,