Looking forward to a wonderful new year


(c) Cat Charissage 2013

Dear Friends,

Thank you to so many of you for such wonderful greetings to me on my birthday on September 29!  I’m so grateful to have such caring friends, and I so appreciate your kindnesses to me.

There have been many encouraging and soulful activities going on here, with more being planned for the upcoming months.  I’m getting closer to finishing my apprenticeship in Intentional Creativity and my 9 month class on Living the Tree of Life, so it’s just about as busy as I can handle.

At the same time as there has been so much good happening, I’ve also struggled with increased pain and fatigue.  The entire last week has been the worst, though I’m coming out from under it.  Please send good thoughts and prayer in my direction, that I may continue in my work of sharing making meaning and making soul.

I’ll soon send out another post with more content.

With much warmth and love,


3 thoughts on “Looking forward to a wonderful new year

  1. Nadya

    BïRtHdÂÿ blessings, Cat!
    You share my little Mama Lois’ BïRtHdÂÿ; a great day to be born!
    We are nearing the finish line!

  2. nury stevens

    Dearest Cat: i pray for you daily. I have a prayer list and you have been there for a while. I’m amazed how you have accomplished so much. Good job! Please, remember me in your prayers. I still do not feel “me” but doing much better. Always remembering you with love. Thank you for your love too. Nury


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