Do not use up the treasure that is you.

IMG_1747(c) 2015, Cat Charissage

Dear Friends,

We’re moving into late fall, moving into winter — a time of year, especially in the north, where sensible creatures hibernate, or fly south (oh, wouldn’t it be nice!).  We, however, are in our busiest time of year, full of classes and book clubs and appointments and projects.  In an agricultural society, summers were full of the activities of making hay while the sun shined, and winters gave time to read, study, rest, and repair our tools.  Including the tool, the treasure, of ourselves.  In an urban society we’ve inverted that rhythm, for better or worse.  Now, in late October, just as our cars are covered with frost with the promise of ice and snow to come, we scurry to meetings, concerts, fund-raisers.

In this flurry and scurry I remember:

Do not use up the treasure of you.

Tap into the universal cosmos of thoughts and images that are ours, as humans and as wise women.  We ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for, who can express these truths of the black nights of mystery into the language of Spirit that others will understand.  From the smallest DNA strands to the starry night, truth and beauty are unfolding.  You are a part of that.  You are that.

You, too.

Much love,


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