Intentional Creativity is a way of living that moves intention and consciousness into all that we create — most importantly, into the creation of our own lives.  Living mindfully in this way expands our ability to recognize the power of choice and possibility in a world too often experienced as only numbing, limiting and prescribed.

Intentional creativity uses image, word, dream, and silence to access your own inner knowledge and spiritual depths.  When used to create art, it’s the closest thing I know to modern alchemy, a process where playing with color and paintbrush, pen and paper becomes a very satisfying journey into your inner self, manifesting and transforming your own story and symbols into a material reality onto paper or canvas.  We start with intentional inquiry and guided journeying, augment the experience with journalling, create an imagination-stimulating portal on the canvas, experiment in a narrative underpainting, and culminate with your finished painting and prose or poem.  We put ear to the canvas and listen with the ears of the heart.  I

ntentional Creativity is an authentic and effective way to explore a question, topic, or challenge in your life, accessing your inner wisdom and bringing it to the surface in a way that uses all parts of your brain, your intuition, your spirit, and your playfulness.  You are often delightfully surprised by what you uncover, and have a record of the process which can offer sustaining information and wisdom as you continue to contemplate your painting and writing.  While feeling magical, this is a psychologically and spiritually sound practice to safely explore your own life’s depth dimensions.

It doesn’t matter whether you have previous painting experience or not, the process works.  It’s also tremendously enjoyable!  Even if you find the process challenging, you are guided and supported throughout.  You will come to know to know your own life’s story and actively participate in its unfolding.  And as you access more consciousness, you expand your life’s possibilities. Tea, chocolate, glitter, acceptance, and connection are in abundance . . .

If you’re in the Lethbridge area, consider joining me for a 13-Step Painting Adventure, SOPHIA:  WISDOM WITHIN on Nov. 21 and 22, 2015.  For more info: