Synchronicities, Rhymes, and Echoes

“When you sow things in the spring, you commit them to the darkness of the soil. The soil does its own work. It is destructive to interfere with the rhythm and wisdom of darkness.”—John O’Donohue

20160224_155910 (c) Cat Charissage, 2016

This painting is from my recent “Tree of Life, Spheres of Light” Intentional Creativity Session.  It is the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life diagram superimposed on the spruce tree that I see through my studio’s windows, here surrounded by flames, yet unconsumed.

Dear Friends,

Happy International Women’s Day here on this New Moon in March!  May we all work to make justice in whatever ways are open to us.

I had the privilege of being at a silent retreat this past weekend.  It suited the waning moon, moving into quiet, silence, inner images.  Here’s an early draft of what came for me:

In my dream she asks for help.

A woman is behind the furnace.

I help her out — she’s wounded, burned, weak.

She’s also so wise, and so strong.


I sit in silence at the retreat

thinking of Moses’ burning bush, unconsumed.

I feel heat all around me, while my inner heat dissipates.

Myself:  burning bush.


The body’s inflammation can create dis-ease, pain.

Bodies ache with what we call arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia.

Hearts ache with what the newspapers, and history, have to say.

We are burning, but unconsumed.


I see the rose, opening.

At the center, flames burst forth.

Sacred Fire at the heart of Mystery,

and mysteries, unfolding.


Sacred Heart surrounded by fire

icon of compassionate love.

Earth is sacred heart, enflamed.

I will be bush, burning.


Unconsumed, and strong.


May you be open to your inner visions and voices, knowing the rhythm and wisdom of darkness.

With love,


Note:  Another Tree of Life Intentional Creativity Session will be held on Saturday, March 19.  And on April 9, I will have a session on Navigating a Faith Crisis.  For more info, check at the top of this page on “Current Offerings” or email me at

1 thought on “Synchronicities, Rhymes, and Echoes

  1. Nury Stevens

    Dearest Cat: what a fabulous poem. It looks like a poem to me with.all the beautiful images. I love your tree. I wish I can be in one of your classes . Sending love to you. Thank you for posting. Your work is beautiful. ♡♡♡


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