Muse Now (c) Cat Charissage, 2016

Dear Friends,

Here on this New Moon, I dedicate this poem to all of us who sometime forget the insights that have been so hard-won, to all of us who also need some reminders and some guidance from that which/who is deepest within:


Know what you know.

Know who you are.

Know that what is in your heart is growing, showing, moving outward.

Let go of what has never been your responsibility,

of what has never been your fault.

Let go of the fear that you are not allowed to survive,

or thrive.

Remember that you are as the sunflower:

beauty among beauties,

exquisite, unique;

nourishing, useful, spreading seeds you cannot know where will grow

to offer sustaining nourishment, help, beauty.

Remember the blank page, the empty canvas,

and all the possibilities.

Hold your compass of eight directions,

your heritage of mysticism within the wholeness of the circle of all.

In the center know the rose of mystery, unfolding,

and the seeds of nourishment, possibility, abundance.

Know that you are so loved.

Know that you have never been alone.

There is more, more than enough, more than you can imagine.



With much love,


The progression of Muse Now:

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Detail:  20160406_141919