Dear Friends,

I have a precious day, free of other commitments or responsibilities, allowing me to paint! Today is also the new moon, a traditional time of solitude and dreaming up of what wants to happen in this coming month.  This painting for me is about my not being willing anymore to postpone living the life that I would love:  a life of contemplative creativity, of listening and exploring the depth dimensions of life, and of teaching those who also want to explore those depth dimensions in time-honored, spiritually and psychologically sound and safe ways.  Yes, I already live this out.  But each day I struggle with the “dancing girl” distractions of another website, another article, another errand or outing or activity at the library, another worthy need that might not really be mine to respond to, and always, the distraction of unconsciousness to the reality and needs of this world, now, within and around me.  What is mine to do and to be?  I’m committing (again, and again and again) to letting go of the distractions, to live the life that I would love that is mine to live.

You, too?  What is yours to live and to be?  How, in this new moon of this beautiful spring (or autumn if you live on the opposite side of the world from me), can you close the door on the distractions of the materialistic world of advertising and the rampant seizing of your soul?  Just an hour or so of sinking into this earth and listening to your heart will be so nourishing — and yes, perhaps challenging.  But it will be worth it.

The photo above is the portal  — in the way I paint using Intentional Creativity, I start each piece with an intention written on the canvas, then I cover the canvas with color and large strokes while pondering the intention.  I’m inviting  what I don’t yet know that I know to come to the surface so that I might express it in color and image.

And how do you invite what you don’t yet know that you know to come to the surface?

With much love,