Come with me. On the Full Moon.



Dear friends,

My latest painting, “I see”.  It was a huge process, with many stages and symbols in the underpainting.  I came to the painting feeling pulled in many directions, feeling that I don’t have enough time to do even a small portion of all that I would love to dig into, and confused about what to prioritize.  Part of what she’s about for me is my inner self calling me to dive even deeper into the depth work I love, and from which I learn so much.  Here’s the poem that came with the completed painting, and some of the in process photos.

With much love,



Come with me

to between and among many worlds,

Some, visible; many, not.

Remember that coyote by the side of the highway, looking at you?

Remember the two wolves from your dream so many years ago?

They invite, call you.  As do I.

Come with me.

You are not leaving anyone behind.


Come with me.



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