Resting, Watching, Praying


(c) 2016 Cat Charissage

Dear Friends,

My latest painting is not yet named.  She is full of beauty, peace, and contained power. Below are some of the stages in the journey.  Writing will come later for this painting.

It’s a quiet time for me, resting, pondering the world, pondering my own life, pondering where I can most be of help.

I’ve started an 8-week course, The MBSR On-line Course, the mindfulness-based stress reduction program based on the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli out of the Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School.  I’ve dipped into this program many times over the years, and do already have a long-term meditation practice.  I decided to do the course formally to see how it might help me manage the chronic pain, sleep better, and let go of the constant feeling I have of “having so much to do!”  I’m in week two, and it really takes a dedicated commitment of an hour’s practice every day — an hour that I need to carve out of the every day that already seems too short!  But I think it’s helpful.

How is your summer going?  Are you resting? Vacationing?  Are you happy?  Is your life full of people, activities, and things which bring peace, justice, happiness to your world?  I hope so.

With much love on a day filled with electrified air ready to call forth a fierce thunderstorm,



13 thoughts on “Resting, Watching, Praying

  1. Nury Stevens

    Most dearest Cat: Many thanks for your post. I am in my bed tired of doing so much stuff. Thank you for asking how are we doing. I love your painting. I am very grateful that you took your time to write to us. We have strong thunderstorm right now. Perfect time to rest. Where in the world we get the idea that we should be busy all the time!!!???
    Hope you feel better and sleep longer hours.
    Thank you for your love,
    PS. Again, why can’t I have a neighbor like you, exactly like you.?


    Was it intentional that the flow of the curve of the left part of the lower “heart” making her legs, pelvis etc, is the same as that of your “C” in your signature? Brilliant–whether intended or not. I love the nested hearts of the lower part.


  3. Jill

    She is Mater, she is Femina–she is flowing yet sheltering Grace. Gorgeous–I am really drawn to her as an icon of the creative, nurturing divine. Thank you for sharing this, Cat.

  4. Maria Rasmussen

    Hi Cat. I really love this painting and I’m intrigued by the “uncoiling” process I’ve been reading about in posts from the Red Thread Cafe group. I was wondering if you would be open to teach a one on one class with me in the future. Like always I’m struggling with the pain stuff. I’m finding that spending time drawing and painting with watercolors helps. It’s almost a meditation. I admire your ability to meditate for an hour. I have a hard time with 5 minutes. But I think “my art” is helping. Hugs Maria

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