Dear Friend,

Before this day is over I wanted to remind you all to look outside tonight and see the beautiful full moon.  What in your life is full to bursting, and is now ready to let go, start to take a rest, start to diminish and move into a more quiescent state?

I wish you could come to my study here and have some tea with me as we sit and talk about some happy d & r’s (deep and real things, that is).  Winter “House’s Choice” is Bengal Spice, summer’s is iced Lemon Zinger or Sweet Orange Spice.  Since this photo was taken I’ve gotten a few more comfortable chairs — if you want, you can sit in the lazyboy chair (just out of sight here).

There are many very serious and frightening things going on in the world these days.  Do not let yourself become disheartened and depleted, especially with too much media watching.  Figure out clearly what is within your reach to help and encourage.  Know where your own circle of influence is, and work within that.  Discern when you need to really understand all the details available, and when reading just the headlines will do.  Don’t wear yourself out on things you cannot immediately do anything about, but DO take care of yourself so that when you CAN do something that is helpful, you are ready, well-nourished, rested and strong enough to do whatever is needed.

Just now, take three deep breaths.  Find your strength within.  Consult your inner wisdom.  Now go forth.

And when it’s time to take a breather, come on over and have some tea with me.  It will be wonderful to talk with you.

With much love,