The Life I Long to Live, and Two Announcements


— work in progress, (c) Cat Charissage, 2016

Dear Friend,

This work in progress is a first step in my using Intentional Creativity to work through a significant life challenge of mine:  How do I create a sustainable and joyful way to live, a way that will allow me to have the best health possible, to have deep and meaningful connections with my beloveds, will allow me to explore the depth dimensions as much as I want, and create a rhythm so that I’m creating more of what I feel called to create in writing and painting?

The painting connects the visions of my heart with the necessary (but as yet unknown) strategies of the mind that will help me choose out of the possibilities available to me that which will support me in a contemplative and whole life, while contributing by sharing compassion, skills, and whatever wisdom comes through me. There’s also something important in there about opening my voice in a greater way.  We’ll see how it progresses.

Uh, you too?  Oh, I’m not presuming you have the exact challenges or the same goals.  But there’s this seeming never ending discernment of how to best use our time and attention to live the life we long to live, isn’t there?  There’s always so many more interesting and often very important matters than there is time in the day to give proper attention to.  So many needs and cries for justice in our world to lend our voices and time to!

Well, towards that end, I have two ANNOUNCEMENTS:

  1.  I’ve a new offering:  ONLINE INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS in Intentional Creativity and Soulwork. This is really exciting for me, and I’ve thought carefully about what I can offer online with my full integrity.  Please consider referring my services to your friends if you think I can be of help.  For all the details, go to my page Work with me Individually.
  2.  My online presence on Facebook and FB groups will be curtailed, just to keep what little discretionary time I do have available to invest in my highest priorities.  There are so many  people in my life that I deeply treasure, and remember regularly with love and all good intention.  At the same time, most of you know that I rarely read my FB Timeline, and am not caught up with many of the groups I’m a member of.  And I’m feeling the need to cut back even more.   (So remember, if something significant in your life occurs and it’s posted on FB and you don’t hear from me — it’s not that I don’t care about you, but it’s because I simply will have missed it!) However, I do respond as soon as possible to any private messages on FB or to personal emails.

With much love at this New Moon and entrance into the “thin spaces” of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere,


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