My new Chapbook!


Dear Friends,

On this New Moon, a new offering:  I’m so pleased to announce that I have published a 60 page chapbook of my poetry and photographs of my paintings!  This has been a labour of love, and it feels wonderful to have a cluster of my work all in one place.  Not all of my poetry or paintings are in the chapbook of course.   And even if no one were to ever look at or read this little book, it has been a real affirmation to me of my artistic expression of the last four years.

The poetry is written both in my own voice, and in the voice of my inner wise woman or of the Sacred.  They’re all about wanting to live a life of depth, integrity, and fidelity to gifts or talents that can help the world to become kinder and more just.




“Life is the invitation to the portal

where we transform our

coal into diamonds,

where we recognize

the truth of all symbols to

throw us back together

into ourselves

and our wisdom.”

And I move into a truth that can only be known

by seeing all sides

with compassion —

including my own limited, bounded self in this limited, aching body.”

“Yes, it is possible to live creatively and sustainably, with grace and joy!

What grows the soul, do this,

and what makes dear body thrive, do that.

To nurture an inner life is your political act now.

Defending the depth dimensions,

your wisdom becomes gift.”

If you’re interested in a copy, I’m selling them basically at cost for $15.00, shipping included.  Of course, if you are able and wanting to support my work so that I can continue to offer Story Circles and workshops on a “pay what you can” basis, I would use your contributions with integrity, and gratitude.  Email me, and I will send you a Paypal invoice which you can pay with credit card.  I will send your copy on the day I receive payment.

Of course, my paintings and poetry are also available right here on my blog.

Thank you so much for your faith and encouragement in the past few years.  May we all blossom forth to be what this world is so hungry for:  love, beauty, kindness, justice.

With much love,


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