“I’m at capacity”


work in progress, (c) Cat Charissage, all rights reserved, 2017

Dear Friends,

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted here.  I’m at capacity in my life at the moment, and haven’t had time or energy to write here.  I will return when I am a bit more rested, a bit more energetic.

This month has seen not only the great reception of my chapbook (thank you so much for the many kind comments), but my annual week-long intensive with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes in the second year of her Heart of the Wounded Healer training.  The travel this year took more out of me than ever before  —-  but it was still well worth it.

May you be growing and blooming as the green around me is doing so here in the northern hemisphere!  May you rest as you need to, play as you long to, and contribute your unique gifts in deeply meaningful ways!  And may I do so as well!

Until later, much love,


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