“Don’t Let the Behavior of Others Destroy Your Inner Peace”

November journal cover

Dear Friends,

The above quote from Dalai Lama, “Don’t let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace,”  has been rolling around in my thoughts for many days now.  I’m recently back from two weeks of trainings with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, a wonderful environment where almost all of the participants are extraordinarily compassionate and aware humans.  It’s no exaggeration to say that when times get rough, I think of my fellow learners and am uplifted, knowing that each of them are doing good work in the world and continuing on despite discouragement or seeming ineffectiveness.   Now back in the “real world”, which should definitely be called the “UNreal world”, I struggle with the noise and anger around me  —-  and stay off FB and the internet unless I focus right on whatever it is I’m looking for.

So, how to NOT let others’ behavior destroy our inner peace?  For me, it’s checking in daily with my deepest self, asking where and how I can help, acknowledging where I myself need help, and listening to all within me that I may not otherwise be able to know.  The photo above is of my new journal for this New Moon  —  a collage of paper and images that I’ve saved from dear memories.  The left side of the photo is the back cover of the journal; the right side is the front cover.

When I was away, I had a dream that I had been invited to lead a Centering Prayer group.  I accepted, and as the church’s custodian was showing me around the basement room where we’d be meeting, she pointed out a button that she said did something very  interesting:  it moved the entire room around, as though the room were a ship and I could steer it anywhere I wanted.  The participants arrived and we started the silent meditation.  I smiled to myself, pressed the button, and gently steered the room, including all of us participants, right out of the church and into the beautiful yard.

It felt as though I was bringing myself and the people with me out of the box and into a spacious place of life and wonder.

So my journal cover for this New Moon reflects my understanding of my dream.  My past, on the back cover, is moving into my future where I “include and transcend” (an idea I got from Ken Wilbur) that which once defined me and move into something new.

As we move into the holiday season, especially here in North America, I wish for you that you retain your inner peace and move into a spacious place of life and wonder.  Mindfully and intentionally.

With much love and many blessings,


4 thoughts on ““Don’t Let the Behavior of Others Destroy Your Inner Peace”

  1. Nadya King

    Your retreat sounds amazing, and such a transition, back to the UNreal world!
    What a lovely dream! And we do just that, don’t we, in our guided visualizations – invite people out of the box, and into a world of wonder! Xxx Nadya

  2. Teri Petz

    Wow, Cat! I like your dream and see the symbolism in it. I also have my vision of you leading people into the “garden” and out of the box. That is what you do with a lot of us.
    I am immensly grateful for where you lead me with poetry and also spititually.
    Thank you,


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