Hello dear friends,

I’ve been posting on Instagram rather than here on this blog, but decided to copy out my latest post to include here:

The Book Chronicle:. Halfway through Chapter Six! But it’s been minus 28 degrees here, so I had to take a break and paint some wildflowers under a full moon! Thought I’d tell you about all the work before the writing. Well, first I had to live my particular life and learn a few things. Then about a year and a half ago I started to write down any ideas I had of what I wanted to say to people, one idea to an index card. I have index cards everywhere! Once my pile got to be over six inches high I read and reread and reread the cards some more. Like ideas went with like, and categories were formed. Then some tentative chapters suggested themselves and slowly, with more rereading, a structure for the whole book began to appear. All through this, every new idea was written down. Then I took a chapter and reread those cards for maybe the fifth time. Then started to put them in an order. All through, I imagine various of my friends, including you, sitting next to me saying “Hmmm. . . Looks interesting. What’s it about?” And finally, I tell you! Like I’m writing you a l o n g email. I hope you get to read it sometime soon!