1 thought on “Too good not to share:


    That’s as good as the one about the priest who was looking at an ancient manuscript and suddenly jumped up crying, “All these years—it doesn’t say ‘celibate’—it says ‘CELEBRATE’!

    About the Mary Magdalen Lent thing—what is it that draws you to it? What holds you back? What would you hope to gain from it? Do you really want to commit that much time that you could use for other things? If you turn it down, will you regret it, maybe for the rest of your life? (are you perhaps avoiding editing your book, or is that happening now?) You can probably ask yourself some more questions out of this.

    Mirabai Starr, in the “Taking Refuge” book, suggests asking a question, setting an alarm for 10 minutes, then free-flow writing until the alarm goes off. Then setting another alarm and writing about the “on the other hand” look at the question. No stopping to think, make spelling or punctuation corrections, etc. Just write.

    I’ll look at the calendar and pick a Saturday to come—sounds like fun (and desperately needed).

    > l be


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