First New Moon in 2023; Chinese New Year: Starting with Silence and Beauty

I’m a firm believer in Coloring Books for Adults! I colored these three images recently. I wish I could say that I had designed them, but for that I’m on a much more elementary level:

These two images are my first attempt at creating some traditional Islamic geometric patterns. Using just a pencil, straight-edge (ruler), and a compass, (plus an eraser!) the most amazingly complex patterns can be made. The general idea is that God, or Mystery, creates the grids, the background designs of all that is, while we as humans create our own lives and patterns and beauty on top of the grids. And that’s how these are made: you start with the overlapping circles, then connect a number of points to make a background (the pencil markings in the images above), then connect some lines with others in a variety of ways until you emerge with beautifully repeating patterns.

I find that in this season of my life, for whatever reason, I feel very restless when I attempt my meditations. My brain is very wordy, and calming dear mind is very elusive. So I’ve begun to color in some ready-made patterns, and, hopefully, more of my own patterns as I learn more. The coloring works wonderfully to get myself out of my mind and to settle in, to listen to what’s underneath all the surface chatter. Unlike many meditators, I always have my notebook next to me when I have a sit. Often I will remember something that is important that I’d really better not ignore, and I’m able to jot down a reminder and then let that thought go as I settle back down into silence.

It’s very hard to show up to our Depth Dimension Practices perfectly, but fortunately, we don’t have to. Just show up. My colored in patterns remind me that yes indeed I did show up. Starting my workday out of this pool of silence makes the whole day a little smoother. I wish the same for you, however you find it.

4 thoughts on “First New Moon in 2023; Chinese New Year: Starting with Silence and Beauty

  1. Patricia Lockhart

    Thanks for the latest edition of Mysteries unfolding. I love these beautiful designs that you shared. I have done colouring as a meditation in the past and found it helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Carol

    this is so interesting,Cat…I find coloring comforting, somehow but haven’t created many of my own pictures..yet! good work!

  3. Nury Stevens

    Dearest Cat,
    I love this idea of meditating and coloring with designs.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
    It was GOOD to see you today.


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