Are You Happy to Get Your Day Underway, or Would You Rather Sleep?

Cat with her Legendary Self painting

My days are quite full, and for the first time in my life I’m happy to get to work each day. Well, not on the days when I’m tearing my hair out because the computer won’t cooperate! Most days, though, the computer and I live in a fragile peace, and I’m grateful that it helps me to share my ideas with others and encourage those who need a little heartfulness.

The book I’ve been working on for 3 years will be published this summer (YAY!!!), and I’m very excited. As well, the chapbook of my poetry, Open to Mystery, is being revised, with new poems to be included. The new edition will be out in a few months, and available for purchase online as well as hand-bound copies available directly from me.

I’m finally beginning to see years of quiet background work come together into tangible offerings to share with others. I couldn’t be more grateful that it’s finally happening.

Also, I’m increasing my presence on social media! I know that not everyone reads physical books these days, and have been wondering how to share my ideas about living a reflective life and HOW to do so in enjoyable ways that can end up influencing the world around us. I may be a little late to the party, but it (finally) occurred to me that I could do that online. Duh!

So I have lots of meaningful work to do, lots to make happen, AND, I know what to do next, and each next step is actually possible for me to do.

You see, I’ve spent most of my life not exactly sure of what I should do each day.

Working as the Director of a Sexual Assault Center, and then more recently, home educating my son afforded me the blessing of being able to choose which particular tasks I took on each day. Being the “boss” meant that I had broad guidelines as my mission, but it was up to me how I accomplished those broad aims. “Develop services to help heal those sexually assaulted and educate the public around the prevalence and causes of violence against women.” “Educate my son so that he is equipped to be a contributing and effective member of society.”

And what I chose to do mattered. What I did or didn’t do had ramifications for others, but there was no one who could tell me each day who I should talk to, what i should write, which meeting to attend, or how to get a wiggly 7 year old boy to learn math. While I tried to plan and prioritize with few resources, women weren’t getting the services they needed, and a little boy kept growing right in front of me.

For years and years and years, I hated to get up! For years and years and years, I was sleep deprived and had so much pain from fibromyalgia. Yet I hauled myself out of bed when the alarming clock shocked me out of whatever dream I was in the middle of. I would stagger myself into my day, and just do my best.

Thankfully, in more recent years I’ve been able to care for dear body better. I now am able to sleep as long as I need to, and that helps the fibro immensely.

And knowing what next needs to be done, and knowing that it matters, allows me to wake up happy to get at it!

When have you been happy to get your day underway, and when have you longed to just stay in bed? Whatever freedoms you have in your life, as much as possible, use them to make your life suit YOU.

May you have good work to do and be able to do it without depletion.

Happy New Moon as the energy of this spring arises!

With much love and many blessings,


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